We had the hottest cars at Chilli Fest


We had the hottest cars at Chilli Fest


Here at Lloyd South Lakes, we will hold our hands up now and admit we did not dare enter the fiery chilli-eating contest ...

The two-day long festival, held at HolkerHall, drew crowds for the annual event, now in its fourth year.

The highlight of the festival, as in previous years, was the eye-watering chilli-eating competition.

Gerald Fowler, ofThe Chilli Pepper Company in Cark, said: "You have to be really, really brave. People in the industry know how dangerous and hot chillies can be and none of us go into it lightly.

"It'only for people who feel brave and want to put themselves up against the natural heat. But some of them pack a massive, massive punch.

"Some of these chillies are ridiculously hot. We've got the world record holder in there so we're putting these people through their paces.

"They 're definitely either brave or stupid, one of the two. It literally is like a gladiatorial tournament of heat from the mildest to the wildest. Whoever is in the longest and manages to finish is victorious."

As well as the fiery battle, visitors were also able to enjoy a number of spicy products from stalls around the event.

There was also entertainment from local band Ulpha590 and belly dancers from Taste of Cairo.

Local chef Gary McClure welcomed a hungry audience for a number of food demonstrations throughout the day which went down a treat.

It was great to be part of this popular community event and although we didn’t bring any flaming peppers, we definitely had the hottest cars about … if we do say so ourselves!